Drew Anderson Meteorologist

Watch Meteorologist Drew Anderson on FOX29 in Philadelphia to see weather forecasts like this:

Besides weather, you’ll see Drew doing:

Science Stories

Live Weather Reports

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Drew also serves our community through teaching.

His Penn State, Drexel University, & West Chester University courses include:

  • Meteorology
    (METEO 3; ESS 170)
  • Severe Weather
    (METEO 5)
  • How Weather Altered History
    (HIST 6N)
  • Risk Management
    (METEO 4)
  • Natural Disasters
    (GEO 111)
  • Geology
    (GEOG 10)
  • World Geography
    (GEOG 128)
  • Sustainability
    (GEOG 30N; ESS 102)
  • Earth Science In Film
    (EARTH 101; ESS 127)
  • Communications
    (HDFS 287Y; FYE 100)

Penn State & West Chester University have a general education class because of Drew. He created HIST 6N for Penn State and ESS 127 for West Chester and guided them through each University’s peer review approval process.

Drew’s innovation in the classroom and stellar student reviews earned him Penn State’s Teaching Excellence award. His television work is consistently nominated for Emmys.

Reach out to Drew at drewforecast@gmail.com

He’s also @drewforecast on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.