Drew Anderson

Watch Drew Anderson on FOX29 in Philadelphia.

You'll see Emmy award winning weather and reporting like this:

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Meteorologist Drew Anderson also teaches at Penn State.

Students take his classes in meteorology, natural disasters, geography, sustainability, and risk management.

Drew Anderson Teaching

Student Reviews Teaching Biography

Penn State recently gave Drew a second teaching excellence award.

Drew Anderson Teaching Award

This was read at the ceremony:

Drew Anderson has enriched the classroom experience for the students who have taken his classes. Students praised his “energy and enthusiasm,” his “genuine care for his students,” and his “interactive and engaging” approach to teaching. One student appreciated how he “ties concepts from current events into the course topics to help students better understand the impact of what we're learning.” Another explained his impact in this way: “Drew Anderson taught me in Earth Science. I thought, how can any instructor teach about the Earth for three hours, during the evening and not be boring. Well, he showed me! He is an exceptionally talented teacher. Always brought something new to each class from experiments to viewing current events around the world. He’s not like any teacher I’ve had.”

Drew Anderson

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